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Effective as of: September 14, 2020
CREDIT SCORETier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
New Auto 2021-20202.89% APR3.20% APR5.00% APR9.50% APR
100% of Dealer Sticker (maximum term 72 months)
Used Auto 2016-20193.00% APR3.25% APR5.75% APR10.50% APR
100% of NADA value (maximum term 60 months)
Used Auto 2015 or Older3.25% APR3.75% APR6.50% APR13.00% APR
100% of NADA value (maximum term 36 months)
Boats, Recreation Vehicles6.75% APR7.00% APR9.50% APR13.00% APR
New: max. term 72 months Used: max. term 48 months
Motor Homes/ Travel Trailers6.75% APR7.00% APR9.50% APR11.90% APR
80% LTV80% LTV70% LTV60% LTV
max. term 10 years on 2013-2009 5 year max. on older models
Share Secured3.00% APR3.00% APR3.00% APR3.00% APR
Regular Shares
Certificate Secured3% over3% over3% over3% over
Loan Term = CD Term
Signature6.00% APR7.50% APR9.00% APR13.50% APR
max. term 2 years
Real Estate2.50% APR2.79% APR4.00% APR4.75% APR
80% of Appraisal (Term 1-5 Years)
Real Estate2.50% APR2.79% APR4.10% APR4.22% APR
80% of Appraisal (Term 6-15 Years)
Real Estate2.99% APR3.25% APR4.75% APR4.77% APR
80% of Appraisal (Term 16-30 years)
1-1/2% refinance fee on Real Estate Loans
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